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New York New York

What is it about Audrey Hepburn that makes me look to her as the ultimate muse? To me, she is the perfect timeless goddess who embodies style and grace in her most iconic film – Breakfast at Tiffany’s – a look that every woman dreams of having. So I looked to her and to her favourite city New York to blast me with inspiration while designing the Lemon & Pepper Streets of New York Collection.

IMG_0741The Muse And The Palette

New York is an architectural dream come true – dotted with iconic landmarks like The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, The Brooklyn Bridge and so many more that are the core essence of the city giving it its statement-making skyline. We have drawn from their fierce and imposing independence, bottled up the vibe of the city and made that the core design for Lemon & Pepper.

IMG_3760Identity Is Everything

On this concrete canvas one can find different worlds moving in perfect tandem creating a symphony of their own. And in this perfect medley the characters range from boots to peep toes and stilettos to flats stomping through the day and dancing the night away. This really goes to prove that true style is not governed by rules or dictates. It is the easy and obvious choice that blurs the line between what you need to have and what you want to own.

IMG_0964The World At Their Feet

Gazing at the city transform when the lights go on, one can see the hidden stories behind each apartment uncover – aspiring musicians, struggling artists, stuffy bankers and fore-sighted trendsetters all have their eyes set on the big goal and it is their everyday struggles and journeys that add to the city’s magnetism making it the everlasting maximum city.

Lemon & Pepper brings to you a refreshing new line embodying the nuances of New York in all the little details and hope that you experience, with us, the magic that lies within.


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