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Change Is The Name Of The Game

Busy days at work and an active social life are tough bedfellows, but today’s woman can have it all. To max the mileage out of what you have you just need to be a little creative and a whole lot smart. And for the rest we have some failsafe Lemon and Pepper tips for our special girls.

Start at the bottom, and stay there – No matter what your outfit is, nothing uplifts your look more than the perfect footwear. And transitioning from desk to dinner in your footwear means selecting a piece that provides the perfect ménage a trois between form, fashion and comfort.

Lemon & Pepper-3Soaring to new heights

Heels can literally make you hold your head up high. Whether you choose from stilettos or wedges, make sure you invest in a pair that gives good arch support and has high cushioning and comfort levels to sail through the day and dance through the night.

Smile and walk a mile

A fabulous alternative to stilettos (since we all can’t do the balancing act) are block heels. They are quite the rage this season, add to your grace (and height) and are stylish enough to carry you through after hours – a winning combination if there is one!

Shine like a star

Bling is always in. Whether it’s heels or flats when you go blingtastic you can easily carry the look through the day and into the night!

Lemon _ Pepper-21Bag your dreams!

If chosen smartly, the correct bag can serve the dual purpose of being both a stylish purse and a piece of jewellery. The key is to find one that goes with everything and creates the perfect balance between form and function.


Tote bags and satchels are stylishly suitable for obvious reasons. They have loads of precious space to hold in your essentials and more, and look stylish enough to make you look and feel like a diva!

Sling shot

A surefire way to transform your look is to switch from a day bag to a night one. A slinky strappy bag dangling by your side is a win-win and can easily be carried in your day tote. They are versatile enough to rock your party look and store you essentials like a scarlet lipstick and liner pen or a scarf to add on as an embellishment.

We know that these little tips will give more power to the already powerful femme fatale in you. Own the look and take charge of the night.

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