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Gone Girls

Few things in life feel sweeter than planning a trip with your friends, and when they are all girls, it’s the sweetest! We at Lemon & Pepper have for you tested and recommended destinations to take your BFFs and have the time of your life!

Mykonos is on every party person’s bucket list, but fret not as it has something for the discerning traveler too. So whether you choose to enjoy a calm luxurious sojourn, lounging in your wedges at Psarou or Paraga Beach or get electrified at the legendary parties at Paradise club or Skandinavian bar in classy stilettos, one thing is for certain – Mykonos will not disappoint! Meander through the Grecian alleys in snug and stylish sneakers and have hands free comfort with our cross body bags while shopping or sipping sangria. What’s even better? The combo is simply perfect for a wild all nighter toga or body paint party! Talk about being multifunctional!

L&P girlie tip: No matter how luxurious your hotel is, spend one night in the open beach under the stars – we guarantee you an unforgettable night!


If there was ever a one-stop shop for travel destinations, Bali it would be! Satisfying your craving for everything from shopping to culture, and adventure to tranquility, here is where you’ll find it all at a fraction of Indian prices! Trendy and tasteful flats from our collection will be your ideal companions for an exciting time in the hip and stylish beaches of Semenyak and Kuta or for a relaxing experience at the serene river town of Ubud. The common thread linking all of Bali is shopping – wherever you turn there will be something to catch your eye! A tote – big on style and bigger in space, is perfect to store your stash of souvenirs and Balinese steals, while a blingy sling can make the night beaches at Bali sparkle just a little bit more!

L&P girlie tip: Create your very own Eat Pray Love experience whilst here.


Dubai is the ultimate destination to cater to your every whim and fancy. Where else can you play with the dolphins in the morning and ride the desert sands in the evening? Look your modish best with our hottest high heel collection that lets you appear effortlessly elegant in places to see and be seen. Indulge in world cuisine, visit iconic landmarks and gully markets to shop for treasured finds, without compromising style or comfort!

Sport eye catching arm candy from our awesome bags collection and unleash your inner diva. DXB is home to numerous limited edition and exclusive brands and you can seamlessly fit into this ultra chic city with a little boost from Lemon & Pepper that will compliment any style you chose to flaunt.

L&P girlie tip: Do experience sheesha nights in the dessert or on a dinner cruise in DXB.


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