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Autumn Winter 2018

There is something very special in the air at this time of the year! With the leaves turning and the cool setting in, moods shift visibly as we prepare to indulge in food, festivities and frolic! A dreamy mood sets in to usher the days that begin with cold, crisp mornings and end in cozy, lazy evenings. A time to follow deep traditions, celebrate romance and find inspiration, this is also the best time to nurture, pamper and feed yourself – mind, body and soul.



Autumn brings along with it sensual flavours and fragrances that entice and engulf us. It is so easy to lose (or find) oneself in a cup of spicy hot chocolate or pumpkin latte while contemplating the direction life is taking. Indulge in your favourite sinful delicacies, the added appetite greatly aids this cause and the dipping temperature doesn’t help the diet conscious side of you, but who’s complaining!

Shorter days and cooler nights allow for luxurious weekend plans or leisurely long walks amidst natures finest. It is the ideal season to plan a trip, as most places would have their best to offer to you during these delicious months. So book that seaside cottage or go on that nature trail that you have been lusting after but just never had the time for.



As the tone changes so does the fashion and it is time be engulfed in the soothing embrace of flannel, corduroy, fleece and wool. Whether shoes or bags, chose from warm autumn colours like tan, burgundy, teal or camel and be in vogue with the trending looks as well. The carefully curated AW collection of Lemon & Pepper spoils you for choice. Check out the collection here.

It’s time to bring out your boots and your favourite pashmina, enjoy amber sunsets with loved ones and find your Zen place. Is there a more fitting way to welcome the merry months?



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