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Chick Flicks

“Chase your dreams – in high heels of course!”

This quote is my mantra, and as I read it, I wondered how many out there share my thoughts. It’s true that clothes may not make the woman, but they sure make the day! And to make your day a little bit better, I have a list of must watch movies (I’m sure these are already amongst your all time favourites) that will be a treat to your eyes and your heart. So gather your girls and let the marathon begin.

Devil wears Prada – I have honestly lost count of how many times I have watched this movie! It has no doubt a very cliché geek to goddess story line, but what a Goddess!! Although the film boasts of a stellar cast, the real stars are the gorgeous clothes, beautiful bags, stunning shoes and enviable accessories! Anne Hathaway inspires all of us to sport those delicious auburn bangs while Meryl Streep channels her inner goddess leaving us asking for more!! L&P fave scene – When Nigel introduces Andy to the dreamy style closet full of fashion goodies…ooh for an hour inside!



Sex and the City – Which urban woman in her right mind would not know Carrie Bradshaw?? The friendship – nay, sisterhood that the four stars share is something that we all secretly yearn for in our lives! Not to mention the shoes, shoes and more shoes that Carrie has. Get together and share their highs, lows and all the mind boggling fashion in between! L&P fave scene – When we see SJP’s to-die-for walk in, I mean isn’t it just logical for your wardrobe to be larger than your room?



 Confessions of a Shopaholic – Story of a girl who gets into sticky, messy situations all because she cannot resist a good sale! But in all honesty, who can!! They say the things that haunt you the most are the ones you didn’t pick up at the sale, and I personally vouch for this to be true. So while most of us aren’t as bad as Isla Fisher in the movie, one can certainly be warned (in a very fashionable way) about the dangers of going overboard. L&P fave scene – Undoubtedly the scene where she tackles the Finnish dignitaries with such finesse (not really, LOL!) leaves us in splits and awe of Rebecca’s resourcefulness and luck.



Aisha – Adding some desi flavour to our list we have the story of a clueless rich-girl trying so hard to do good but ends up making things worse! Through it all Sonam Kapoor sports an impeccable wardrobe and to-die-for shoes. Who really cares if she’s a goof up when her heart and all her accessories are in the right place? L&P fave scene – Nearly all the scenes that featured the flawless fashion sense of Sonam (which is almost every scene) and gave us insane fashion goals!



Breakfast at Tiffany’s – A feel good, super stylish rom-com if there ever was one! Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a classic (and a personal favourite) where Audrey Hepburn (sigh!) in her iconic pearls and LBD shows us how to be fiercely independent and ahead of you times be it fashion or life. Watch it for some vintage inspiration because good fashion is timeless! L&P fave scene – No contest here, this has to be the introductory scene where a dreamy Audrey alights from a cab to stare longingly at the Tiffany’s display window – A more potent and everlasting scene is yet to be filmed!



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