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The Bride Side


So your bestie is getting married (Yaaay!) and apart from the bride and groom this is a momentous day for you, the bride’s tribe. From being a pillar of support to her endless demands, to handling every little catastrophe-real and imaginary like a pro, the entire onus rests on your pretty shoulders. We know that being a bridesmaid can be a lot of things but the one thing it is not is easy, so let us at Lemon & Pepper smooth things out just a teeny bit for you on this big day by suggesting the perfect companion for your feet.

Bachelorette – First things first, planning a proper farewell to her bachelorette days is a must! Whether you chose a cosy getaway with a movie, music and margaritas marathon or a never seen before, all stops pulled shindig, one thing is for sure – you need to look your hottest here. Probably the only party that won’t involve the elders telling you how, what, where, dazzle this send off in your stilettos and dance the night away!

Mehendi – This is when it all becomes real as the beautiful bride begins her adornment for her role as a better half. And amongst all the high running emotions a lot of actual running around also needs to be done. Small or big, there are loads of things to manage in a mehendi ceremony and your trusty wedges will be your pillar of support when you need to run to get the thirsty bride some juice or when you need to set the groove by being the first one to dance to the dholki. Wear an open pair that wont obstruct your henna design and getting going, the countdown has begun!

Sangeet – Probably the one evening that is actually more awaited than the actual wedding itself! A moment to shine and show the entire wedding brigade your graceful and delectable side. But be aware, amongst all the dancing and drinking you need to be nimble enough to switch from bridesmaid to ballerina and back in a jiffy, looking poised all the time. Block heels are your best options here to give you balance and beauty. Choose metallic heels to add to the glam factor. Consider changing to tasteful flats secretly just before you set the stage on fire. Comfy and classy and the audience is none the wiser as you switch back to your heels after!

 Wedding and Reception – So the point of culmination has been reached. The events leading up to now have gone flawlessly and the grand finale must follow suit. Receptions involve hours of standing and running around as you meet and greet guests at the same time sort runny mascara and fading lipstick on stage. Dressed up in your glamorous best, perk up your attire with footwear that will add to your elegance and give you the much needed support to flit around without feeling or looking frazzled. Your best bet would be platforms that up the grace and give you a poised look without hurting your feet or back.

So now that your support systems are sorted, go and remind the blushing bride to breathe, you’re there for everything else.

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