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Can’t Fail With FALL!

As perky and pretty summer is, fall is beyond a doubt where fashion flourishes. Hello to all those who (like us) can’t wait for fall to arrive and bring with it all things fuzzy, cozy and full of warmth! And while we know it’s not cold enough to bring out the woolies yet we have a spanking new AW collection all set to be unveiled at Lemon & Pepper. From key silhouettes to amazing details we have it all in our latest that has been curated to bring the quintessence of this beautiful season to you.

The first major trend that changes with the season is the colours you sport and while the  all-time favourites are tan, orange, beige and black for the period, we have a surprising debutant this year – Lavender. Glorious in all its shades, this is the colour making an entry in a smashing way and we are loving it! Use it as an accent piece or even go head to toe, the colour will make you want to Instagram every moment!

And since we have an “always on” approach to our look how far behind can bags be? We have bagged in the essence of the gorgeous season with hues and textures that celebrate fall. Getting more sleek and structured, while roomy for your day use they are dressy enough to be carried to an after work do. Ranging from dainty wristlets to boxy bags and gorgeous suede satchels to throw-everything-in totes, pick a style that meets both your needs or simply pick two, they’re that good!

The season is full of festive mirth and celebrating that means loads of shopping and parties, but your feet deserve enjoy too. Our fall footwear range ensures they can have their comfort while you have your fun. Whether you’re the type to wear the boots for walking or prefer a modern day fairy tale look, our latest collection has something for the diva and the rock chic in you. An amazing variety in styles, colours and heels, someone is getting spoilt for choice this season! So no need to wait for autumn to arrive; you can arrive first! Be it at work, errand running or when you’re decking up for a party our guide to rocking it this AW will ensure you are ready to face the last quarter with a spring in your step.

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