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The Sparkle Is Within!

The festive season is officially here and no matter what your celebration plans are, the number one priority is to look and feel good. While we all have reasons to celebrate throughout the year at Diwali we can’t be expected to show up in the same old same old. This is where we come in! We bring to you the most flamboyant assortment that has been curated to take over your insta feed and put the chicest models off duty. Brace yourselves to welcome Diwali 2019 with the sparkling new celebration collection of Lemon & Pepper.

When we talk about Diwali, shine and sparkle are synonyms. The season literally personifies grandiosity and what better way to embrace this look than with shimmer? Our gorgeous new footwear range is tailored to make your feet float a few inches above the ground and make you feel like Cinderella taking over the ball! Find shimmer sprinkled pieces that are perfect for the princess in you!  

If metallics are your ammo of choice then fret not as we have those in our arsenal too. Our uber chic and stylish metallic range has just the perfect understated elegance that will sweep you off your feet! Choose from the most amazing designs for your special celebrations or simply to top up your day with a garnish of festive twinkle.

And to provide your designer outfits and ensembles with a haute finishing touch, pick from our splendid range of dandy arm candy. Lemon & Pepper’s latest assortment of bags doesn’t need a reason or season to be bought. Discover the perfect balance of subtlety with embellished pastels or go all out with a red carpet worthy bling sling. Whether it’s a big bang Diwali bash or an elegant soiree with your closest crowd, perk up your look with this perfect accessory and know that you’re the brightest star shining tonight.

On that dazzling note, here’s wishing all our readers a glorious and glamorous festive season!

Happy Diwali!

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