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Holiday Vibes Only

The merriest time is upon us and as we all know, it’s the season to be jolly. Among all the merry making, family bonding and overall feeling of thankfulness we are so so glad that one of the best part of this festive season is gift giving (and receiving, yay!). And whilst all have mastered the art of subtle hint dropping, we at Lemon & Pepper have released a dreamy wish list of absolute must haves or must gift items that will make the season oh so joyous!

Bag Swag!

What do you get a girl who has everything? Why another bag of course! One can never have too many of these especially when they come in stylish avatars like the our latest line of slings. A mini size packing a max punch, these super chic designs will be the perfect accessory for the stylish girl on the go. No matter what her taste is or what the occasion may be our range of new mini bags is the best accessory to don this season.

A Shoe In!

Now shoes may not be the most traditional option when it comes to gifting but we don’t know of a single instance where a gorgeous new pair hasn’t brought joy to the receiver. Gone are the days when it was considered bad luck to gift shoes, in fact we believe it will be just the perfect unexpected and quirky twist that will be a total surprise. Go ahead and pick any one from our awesome range and make it the most memorable gift for her.

Wallet Of Fame!

If a whole lot of bags and shoes are overwhelming, step back and go small instead. Any girl will love to have a variety to pick from to put her plastics in for the day. Available in three gorgeous shades, we have introduced a new range of wallets that are the latest sass ambassadors for you. The perfect secret santa solution they are the simplest choice for a blooming friendship!

We Vouch For It!

Whether you’re pressed for time, clueless or simply forgot (it happens to the best of us) a gift card or voucher is a life saver in such times eliminating all the guesswork. It’s the best way to gift a choice that can’t go wrong. And even better is that now we can personalize your gift card with heartfelt messages that make it all the more thoughtful.

No matter what your relation, women have a way of making you feel special, use this festive season as a reason to reciprocate. So show your love online or IRL and get gifting! Happy Holidays!

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