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Snap, Crackle and Pop!

Spring – the very word itself is a promise of boundless energy waiting to explode into the world, a time of birth and a chance to reinvent. And with the new 2020 Spring knocking, it’s the perfect time to revamp your look and upgrade your wardrobes. Bidding adieu to the comforting winter styles is made up for by the saucy selection that awaits you. Lemon & Pepper brings a vibrant and super fun range of shoes and bags to pepper this summer and spice it up for you.

Block out the sun with our color blocked candy bags that are ideal for trans-seasonal dressing. Look out for the color riot coming your way, with a sea of blues, burst of orange and pop of pinks, this parade is ending no time soon. These bold lines are here to stay and whether it’s techno-colored flare that you fancy or a solid optic black and white, it will be the perfect complement for your OOTD no matter the place or time like rainbow sprinkles on a candy cone!

Even with office wear, the acceptance of fashion evolution is remarkable, with stuffy and boring being replaced by quirky and experimental. Exhibit your animal instinct with super luxe faux snake skin and bring alive even the most somber outfits.  Accent your business skirts and suits with the perfect amount of effortless oomph to show that even your serious side has a fun twist to it. Flaunt our shoes and discover the easiest way to add a wild edge to your basics.

Structured patterns are having a moment now and riding that wave we have some gorgeous new styles that are heavily inspired by the old-world charm of Paris. With bucket bags that are chic and nouveau heel structures that are a la mode, our latest collection is all about how the architectural revival meets a breezy summer romance, trés magnifique!

Perfect for sunset cruises in dreamy sojourns, these summer certified styles will prove to be pretty hard to resist. So, press the reset button on your style meter and let the season be the perfect reason for some good old fashion online binge.

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